Working directly with a contractor saves time and unneccesary costs.

It begins with us sitting on the same side of the table as you.


Negotiating with the insurance companies is the #1 struggle and point of stress for property owners. When you are not familiar with the process its very difficult to get the results that you deserve.


The process of dealing with the insurance company is difficult and confusing for a reason. It is for their benefit, not yours.


We are YOUR consultant and contractor with a single focus to make sure you get the proper repairs and handling of the insurance claim the right way the first time.


We are knowledgeable and experienced. As as experienced professionals and general contractors, EERC can both represent you in an appraisal or can be your full service General Contractor.


With a simple phone call we can set up an inspection of your property at no cost to you.



Did You Know ?

Due to the high level of lawsuits arising out of storm related claims in south Texas, Insurance companies are negotiation more and more directly with contractors.


David and his crew did my roof. He worked with my insurance company making sure I received every penny.


David also convenienced me to go with a red metal roof on my log home, I must admit, he was right. It looks fantastic.

                                       - Sheila S.