Is This Damage Covered By My Insurance Policy? ... Common Question! We can help you with the answer

After the monsoon type rains of last week, many commercial and residential customers are calling to report roof leaks. The most common question we get is "is this damage covered by my insurance policy?" There are several ways to answer this question and I will attempt to brief you on some of them:

1. The property needs to be inspected to first determine the cause of the water intrusion.

2. Upon inspection of the target leak area, if it is determined that the leak is caused by improper installation, this would NOT be a covered peril.

3. If the leak is a result of the breaking down of a previous repair, this may or may not be covered.

4. If after inspection of the structure, it is determined that damage from a previous storm (most typically hail) has reduced the life of the roofing system, you should be afforded coverage. It is common to see damage incurred to the roofing system produce evidence on the interior long after the date of loss.

5. In the past 5 years, the DFW metroplex has had 19 different hail storms with hail greater than 1.5" in diameter. The likelihood that your property incurred damage in one of these is quite high.

6. In the state of Texas a property owner is obligated to inform their insurance company when damage is uncovered in a timely fashion. If a roofing system has not been inspected and the damage was the result of a storm less than 5 years ago, the insurance company is obligated to adjust the claim. Provided the policy was in force on the date of loss, the insurance company must indemnify you for your loss.

If you think some of the leaks that have come up recently might be the result of a previous storm, call EERC to schedule a no cost, no obligation, comprehensive inspection today at 817-729-7177.

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