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As a member of the Texas policyholder advocates, we will work for the insured to indemnify them for their losses and protect their rights. Hiring a lawyer in a catastrophe situation may be the WORST thing a person can do. The attorney takes 40% of the claim. That 40% comes from somewhere. Either you will be forced to settle for less coverage, or the insurance company will have to overpay. When an insurance company over pays, it negatively effects all consumers.

Premiums in years following such an occurrence historically rise exponentially. You only need to look at the aftermath of Katrina or the coastal flooding in Texas to see this. Texas policy holders have rights afforded to them that protect them from unfair treatment by the insurance companies but also from the parasitic attorneys that swarm around these events.

If you have suffered a storm related loss, call Energy Efficient Roofing and Construction to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation.

"Many of the services offered by EERC do not cost anything, but you can't afford to go without them!"

Contact us today for a free estimate or help with your insurance claim!

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