Three Super-Compelling, Money-Saving Reasons You Want To Inspect Your Roof After a Storm | Commerci

First, if there was damage making your home vulnerable to leaking , you’re more likely to be able to contain that damage and prevent any physical leakage from occurring if you catch the damage early enough. That’s money in your pocket, folks.

Second, if your home did suffer storm-related damage, the sooner you inspect the roof after the storm, the more likely you’ll be able to establish the evidence needed for an insurance claim. Many insurance policies in fact have a time limit for establishing a claim.

Third, increasingly, roof inspections from professional roofing companies are free ... including EERC!

I hope you’re saying now, “Okay. Prevent costly damage? Use available insurance money? Free inspections? I’m in!

Contact us today for a free estimate or help with your insurance claim!

Call 817-729-7177 TODAY!

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