5 Reasons To Get Your Roof Inspected | EERC Roof Inspections

1. Weathering and Aging.

Lifespan for a roof is between 15-30 years depending on the type of roof. Natural wear and tear may cause roofs to require repairs and frequent inspections can help owners fix problems before they get worse, saving money and headaches.

2. Storm Damage.

Water leaking into a house or building as the result of storm damage can result in dangerous conditions that are expensive to fix. Have your roof inspected immediately after a storm and routinely to ensure the structure is secure enough to endure severe weather.

3. Proper Drainage.

Build up of leaves or debris can cause water to collect on a roof which can lead to leaking and water damage. Regular inspections help ensure that roofs are serving thier purpose and draining water properly.

4. Security.

Ensure your building remains secure! A roof inspection can reveal openings or breeches that may allow intruders to enter the premises.

5. Warranty Repairs.

Protect your pockets and always ask an inspector if you qualify to file a warranty claim! Many leaks are covered under a contractor or manufacturer's warranty.

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