4 Options When Your Commercial Roof is Damaged

Leaks, storm damage and natural wear and tear on a commercial roof are a hassle for any business owner. When dealing with commercial roof damage, it’s important to consider several options to select a solution that best fits your budget and the needs of your roof. Here are 4 options that will help you decide the best course of action when caring for your roof:


Preventative measures make a difference! If you’re looking for a simple way to save energy and extend the life of your roof at a lower cost, coating can increase its strength and durability.

Photo from toledoroofrepair.com


If most of your roof is fairly new, in good shape and the insulation remains intact, repairs on the small portion that was damaged are a cost-effective solution.


If your insulation is still in good condition but the membrane of the roof is no longer doing its job, consider re-covering. Just make sure your roof has not already been recovered in the past and make sure to ask about getting an extended warranty!


Unfortunately, if 25% or more of your roof is damaged, it’s most likely time to replace it. Other reasons to replace a roof are wet and ineffective insulation or a desire to incorporate new energy saving technologies.

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