Why Choose Energy Efficient Roofing?

Energy efficient roofing, also known as “cool roofing” is gaining popularity in warm and temperate climates. Aside from lowering cooling costs in your home, creating a cooler interior, extending the life of your roof and potentially qualifying you for rebates, energy efficient roofing helps protect our environment! Here are 4 reasons to choose energy efficient roofing for your next roof:

1. Reduce Cooling Costs

Those of us who experience hot summer weather dread the inevitably high air conditioning bill. Cool roofing can help to reduce these costs through innovative materials that better reflect sunlight and emit more heat out rather than absorbing it. The Cool Roof Rating Council estimates that home or business owners can save between 7-15% in cooling costs by utilizing energy efficient roofing.

2. Cooler Interior

The materials used in energy efficient roofing allow for a cooler overall interior by keeping extra heat out, especially in two story buildings where warm air rises. Enjoy a more temperate indoor climate without having to blast the AC.

3. Extend the Life of Your Roof

Particularly with asphalt shingled roofing, the beating of the sun can cause roof decay at a more rapid rate. Because energy efficient roofing materials work harder to reflect and emit heat, your roof will last longer and need repairs less frequently.

4. Get Money Back

The Cool Roof Rating Council provides a list of rebate programs where you can receive money back for choosing energy efficient roofing. Also, be sure to check with your local utility company as many offer rebates as well!

Finally, don’t forget that choosing energy efficient roofing helps us care for the environment by reducing demand for the extra energy it takes to run the air conditioning, protecting against excess heat emissions in urban neighborhoods and shrinking the amount of materials placed in landfills each year because of decreased roof repairs.

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