How a Class 4 Roof Prevents Hail Damage

North Texas is known for its spring and summer storm season where hail can take its toll on both residential and commercial roofs. Rather than live in fear of the next wave of damages that may require repair or roof replacement, why not consider a Class 4 roof? We’ve answered some common questions to help you decide if a Class 4 roof is right for you.

What is a Class 4 Roof?

A Class 4 roof is defined under the Underwriters Laboratories’ UL 2218 standard.

This means that researchers have taken a vast array of roofing materials and dropped steel balls in varying sizes in the same place twice on each material to see how impact-resistant it is. Class 1 qualifies a 1 ¼ inch steel ball was dropped with no damage, Class 2 uses a 1 ½ inch ball, Class 3 a 1 ¾ inch ball and Class 4 withstands a 2 inch ball. The balls were designed to simulate hailstones, so we know roofing that withstands double impact with a 2 inch hailstone is very durable!

What are the benefits of choosing a Class 4 Roof?

Class 4 roofing provides the ultimate protection against hail making it ideal for a business or residence located in a place that suffers from frequent damaging hail storms. Because Class 4 roofing is so durable, it can also greatly reduce normal maintenance costs.

How much will it cost?

While installing a Class 4 roof is more expensive than standard roofing solutions, it can save you the headache of dealing with your insurance company when hail damage occurs and will ensure that you have peace of mind that your home or business is protected during a storm. In addition, some insurers offer policy premium discounts and higher policy deductibles that help offset the cost of installing a Class 4 roof.

To read more about Class 4 roofs click here or here.

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