5 Roof Tips for New Homeowners

If you recently purchased a home you know that the joys of home ownership also come with new responsibilities! We've made it easy for you to keep track of appropriate roof care with these 5 roof tips for new homeowners:

1. Have your roof inspected

While an inspector will complete required assessments before the purchase of the home is finalized, it is wise to employ a roofing professional to actually climb on the roof and determine if any repairs or replacements need to be made.

2. Have any work guaranteed

Ensure you are working with a reputable contractor by getting all roofing work guaranteed in writing along with the contractor's license number.

3. Research roofing types

A good contractor can help you determine which roofing material is appropriate for your climate. For example, temperate or high heat index climates may benefit from energy efficient roofing, while in areas prone to hail storms impact-resistant roofing materials may be the best choice.

4. Don't put off maintenance

You just purchased a home and you want to enjoy it without worrying about expensive upkeep! Taking the time and money to implement preventative maintenance now can save new homeowners financial stress and extensive repairs down the road.

5. Be aware of vulnerabilities

Learn how to properly take clean gutters and monitor potentially leaky areas such as skylights to determine the best preventative care.

Read more about roofing for new homeowners.

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