3 Things You Didn't Know About Attic Ventilation

When we think of roofing, words like "shingles", "gutters" and "energy-efficient" come to mind - but attic ventilation? Most of us probably don't know a whole lot about it or why it matters for the longevity of our roof. Here are a few quick facts to help us understand why attic ventilation is a big deal:

1. It Prevents Ice Dams

Ice damming happens when the warmer temperatures inside an attic cause snow to melt off the roof which then refreezes at the gutters. This not only causes damage to the gutters but can also affect the shingles and even leak into the house. A proper ventilation system circulates cold air into the attic keeping it cool enough to avoid melting snow.

2. It Keeps Energy Bills Low

When air is circulated through the attic via vents and fans it keeps the temperature from getting so hot in the summer that it seeps through and affects the ceiling downstairs in your home or office. This also helps insulation do its job and lowers temperatures overall which keeps your energy bill down.

3. It Keeps Inside Moisture From Building Up

In the winter, moisture from appliances such as refrigerators and bathtubs as well as excess steam from cooking can build up under the roof. Proper ventilation flushes the moisture outside instead of allowing it to soak into the insulation.

If you have concerns about your attic ventilation, call EERC for a consultation at 817-729-7177

To read more about attic ventilation visit GAF and Energy Star.

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