Maintenance Check: Are you taking care of your home?

As homeowners we know it's important to stay up to date with preventative maintenance. However, it's not always easy to remember what we need to do when in order to best invest our money and afford large repair costs down the road. Better Homes and Gardens has provided an excellent checklist (summarized below) that will help you keep track of tasks you can do now to keep your home in excellent order.

Monthly Checks:

  • Clean the furnace - this removes dust and lowers utility bills as you are better able to regulate temperature in your house

  • Check water softener - replace salt as needed

  • Clean faucet aerators, showerheads, sink and tub drains - remove any buildup or blockage

Fall Checks:

  • Get forced-air heating system inspected

  • Check fireplace for damage or blockage

  • Seal or caulk gaps and cracks around windows and doors

  • Replace old windows with energy efficient models

  • Power wash and/or repaint siding

  • Inspect roof for loose shingles or leaks

  • Clean gutters and drainspouts

  • Repair or replace siding

  • Winterize exterior plumbing

  • Replace smoke detector batteries

  • Check for frayed cords or wires

  • Fix exterior hardware like door handles and lock

Spring Checks:

  • Inspect roof for missing or loose shingles

  • Change air-conditioner filter

  • Clean screens

  • Power wash windows and siding

  • Clean gutters

  • Replace batteries in smoke detectors

  • Have a professional inspection of pump and septic tank

  • Check sink, shower and bath caulking

  • Vacuum lint from dryer vent.

If you need a roof inspection, repair or replacement, call us today at 817-729-7177!

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