Ask the Experts: How Do I Install Emergency Roofing?

Q. North Texas is prone to strong winds, storms and tornadoes. If my roof is damaged, how do I install emergency roofing until a contractor is available to replace it?

A. What you'll need:

- 1x3 planks

- woven plastic wrap

- screws

- drill

What to do:

Roll the plastic wrap around the plank at least twice and screw to the roof with the roll side facing down. Extend the wrap several yards past the damaged area, ensuring full coverage. Take the other end of the wrap, wind it twice around a second 1x3 plank and screw with the roll side down. Take remained 1x3 planks and use to secure down sides of the wrap with screws.

If your roof needs to be immediately repaired, give us a call today!

Abridged from This Old House - Read More

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