How to Decorate Your Roof for Halloween

The holiday season is almost underway, starting with Halloween this Monday! Whether you have kids of your own or just want to provide some scary entertainment for your neighborhood trick-or-treaters, follow our tips for decorating your roof for Halloween!

Get Creative

Many people decorate their yards and front porches for trick-or-treaters, but you can take your Halloween decor to the next level by utilizing your roof! Add flying witches, giant spiders and crows to make your "haunted mansion" look complete.

Be Safe

Before you install decorations, inspect for mold and shingle damage to ensure your roof can hold extra weight. Make sure to use any fasteners that may be provided with your decorations and stay away from using nails that could leave holes and cause leaks in your roof after the props are removed! Always make sure another person is there with you when accessing your roof to install decor. If you don't feel comfortable getting on top of your roof to decorate, contact us for assistance!

Use Your Whole House

Putting decorations on upper story windows or balconies as well as your roof can help to add depth, and minimizes your need to climb out onto the roof. Setting up colorful spotlights to highlight your spooky props and characters is also a great way to vamp up your Halloween concept!

Have fun this Halloween, and above all, stay safe!

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