How to Identify and Remove Ice Dams | North Texas Roofing

What is an ice dam?

When melting snow freezes at the edges of your roof, an ice dam can form. Ice dams prevent water from draining properly and can cause a build-up of moisture that seeps inside. Check the gutters to see if the icicles remain on the outside edges, or seem to be blocking water from draining. If water has pooled on the roof, it is essential to remove the dam as soon as possible.

How do I remove an ice dam?

  • Use a roof rake to brush off any surrounding snow

  • Purchase calcium chloride ice melt product from a hardware store, DO NOT use rock salt or sodium chloride

  • Place calcium chloride inside a nylon stocking and place the stocking vertically across the ice dam to melt an opening in the ice

  • Cover shrubs or plants underneath ice dam with tarps as melting ice infused with calcium chloride may cause damage

If you feel uncomfortable accessing your roof, a contractor can easily remove the ice dam for you. Contact our team with any questions you may have this winter!

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