Working on the roof? Here's how to do it safely. | DFW Roofing

While it’s not necessarily wise to get up on your roof, there may be times when you need to make the climb to fix a slipped or broken tile or clean up tree debris, for instance. Here are some tips put out by Better Homes and Garden that we recommend you follow:

✓Hire a professional to do the job if the roof is steep (over 35 degrees).

✓Don’t work alone. You need someone to steady the ladder and, if you do slip, help you down or call for assistance.

✓Make sure the ladder is sound. If it can’t stand on firm, level ground, support the legs on sturdy wide chocks.

✓Wear non-slip closed footwear – bare feet or thongs are not suitable. Soft-sole tennis shoes are a good choice.

✓Don’t step on old, very brittle terracotta tiles, as you may end up causing more damage.

✓If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable, climb down. It’s better to hire a professional used to working at heights.

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